Zhichao Pei


Visiting PhD Student

Contact Information

  • Email Address: zhichaopei@outlook.com


Dec. 2018 - Present

Duke University

Visiting Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science 

Sep. 2017 – Present   

Harbin Institute of Technology 

Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering  

Sep. 2015 – July. 2017 

Harbin Institute of Technology

M.E. in Mechanical Engineering  

Aug. 2011 – July. 2015   

Harbin Engineering University 

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering  

Research Interests



Piezoelectric actuator

Honors and Awards

Chinese Government Scholarship (China Scholarship Council)


  1. Zhichao Pei, Weibin Rong, Lefeng Wang, Shupeng Wang and Lining Sun. A Design Of Instrument Based On Piezoelectric Actuator To Study The Force Output Of Piezoelectric Ceramic[J]. Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 2017.
  2. Shupeng Wang, Weibin Rong, Lefeng Wang, Zhichao Pei and Lining Sun. A long range piezoelectric rotary motor with continuous output: design, analysis and experimental performance[J]. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2017.