Xu Xianchen


  • Office Location: Room 341, 534 Research Dr
  • Email Address: xianchen.xu@duke.edu
  • Office Phone: 573-823-2198



Aug. 2015 - July. 2020, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering  

Aug. 2012 - March. 2015, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

M.S. in Solid Mechanics

Sept. 2008 - June. 2012, Dalian University of Technology, China

B.E. in Engineer Mechanics



08/2021~07/2022 Research scientist (Advisor Prof. Guoliang Huang(MU))

Project I. Multi-functional metamaterials based triboelectric nanogenerators.

Project II. Impact resistant materials inspired by elastic cloaking.

Project III. Acoustic wave mitigation.

Project IV. Liquid metal based soft electronics.

08/2020~07/2021 Postdoc (Co-advisor Prof. Guoliang Huang (MU),Co-advisor Prof. Changyong Cao(MSU))

Project I. Multi-functional metamaterials based triboelectric nanogenerators. 

Project II. Machine learning aided design of metamaterials.

08/2015~07/2020 Research Assistant (Advisor Prof. Guoliang Huang (MU))

 Project I. Elastic Cloaking

Project II. Soft matter

Project III. Acoustic and elastic nonreciprocal wave propagation

Project IV. Acoustic and elastic wave attenuation

Project V. Heat-pipe PCM based cool storage for ACC system

08/2012~06/2015 Research Assistant (Advisor Prof. Xiaoming Zhou(BIT))

Project I: The wave dynamics in composite materials and metamaterials imaging

Project II: The study on anisotropic acoustic metamaterials for super-resolution imaging

08/2010~06/2012 Research Assistant (Advisor Prof. Dixiong Yang(DUT)).

Project I: Study about near-fault ground motion duration effect and the strength parameters 


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Excellent master graduation thesis of Beijing Institute of Technology (2015)

Scholarships for Excellent students of Beijing Institute of Technology (2012)

Science and Technology Innovation Award of Dalian University of Technology (2011)

College students' summer social practice in Liaoning province outstanding team (2010)

College students' innovative design competition in Dalian, third prize (2010)

The ninth college students' mechanical innovation design competition, first prize in Liaoning (2010)