Steven Peiran Zhang


PhD Student

Contact Information

  • Office Location: Room 326, 534 Research Dr
  • Email Address:


Aug. 2016 - Sep. 2022, Duke University, NC, USA

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science
Advisor: Prof. Tony Jun Huang

Jul. 2015 - Aug. 2016, Penn State University, PA, USA
Ph. D. in Engineering Science and Mechanics (incomplete, transferred to Duke University)
Advisor: Prof. Tony Jun Huang

Sept. 2010 - Jun. 2014, Ocean University Of China, China
B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dissertation: Raman activated cell sorter based on dielectrophoretic single-cell trap and release
Advisor: Prof. Xiaohua Zhang

Research Interests

Through interdisciplinary research at the interfaces of Acoustics, Photonics, Microfluidics, and Biology to develop functional micro/nano systems, employing physics as

  • Acoustic streaming (Contactless liquid handling via digital acoustofluidics, automation of single-cell genetics study)
  • Acoustophoresis(Fluorescence-activated cell sorter, particle manipulation and separation)
  • Acoustic droplet ejection (Non-invasive technologies for nL liquid / cell dispensing)
  • Raman micro-spectroscopy (Single-cell chemo-metrics, spontaneous Raman, SRS): To benefit applications such as liquid handling, cell sorting, bio-sensing, cell-cell communication, and personalized medical diagnosis / therapy.  

Teaching/ Work Experience:

Aug. 2016 - Present
Acoustofluidics Lab, Mechanical Engineering and Material Science, Duke University, USA
Research Topics: Digital acoustofluidics, Single cell dispenser

Jul. 2015 – Aug. 2016, Research Assistant
Acoustofluidics Lab, Engineering Science and Mechanics, Penn State University, USA
Research Topics: Acoustofluidic cell sorter, Digital acoustofluidics

Dec. 2012 – Jun. 2015, Research Intern  (2014 - 2015)
Single Cell Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research topics: Raman activated cell sorter, Dielectrophoresis, Single cell dispenser,Micropumping and valving

Jan 2011 – Nov. 2012, Research Leader
International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition, MIT, USA
Research Topics: Kinetic modeling of genetic circuits, Small RNA-based genetic switch, Gas vesicle protein 

Awards and Honors:

  • MEMS Departmental Fellowship, Duke University (2016)
  • University Graduate Fellowship, Penn State University (2015)
  • Gold Medal Prize, iGEM Competition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012)
  • Best Model Prize, Best Experimental Measurement Approach Prize, iGEM Competition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012)

Journal Publications:

  1. Peiran Zhang, Lihui Ren, Xu Zhang, Yufei Shan, Yun Wang, Yuetong Ji, Wei E. Huang, Jian Xu, Bo Ma, Raman activated cell sorting based on dielectrophoretic single-cell trap and release, Analytical Chemistry, 87 (4), 2882-2889, 2015.
  2. Qiang Zhang *, Peiran Zhang *, Yetian Su, Chunbo Mou, Teng Zhou, Menglong Yang, Jian Xu, Bo Ma, on-demand control of microfluidic flow via capillary-tuned solenoid microvalve suction, Lab on a Chip, 14 (23), 4599-4603, 2015. (featured as front cover image)
  3. Qiang Zhang, Peiran Zhang, Honglei Gou, Chunbo Mou, Wei E. Huang, Jian Xu, Bo Ma, Towards high-throughput microfluidic Raman-activated cell sorting, JAnalyst, 140 (18), 6163-6174, 2015.
  4. Peiran Zhang, Yizhi Song, Ian P. Thompson, Bo Ma, Jian Xu, Wei E. Huang, Single-cell biotechnology for uncultured microorganisms, Hyrocarbon and Lipid Biology Protocols, Springer Protocols Handbooks,  pp. 119-131, 2015.
  5. Tianhe Wang, Li Kang, Jiaheng Li, Wenjie Wu, Peiran Zhang, Minghao Gong, Weihong Lai, Chunyan Zhang, Lei Chang, Yong Peng, Zhongzhou Yang, Lian Li, Yingying Bao, Haowen Xu, Xiaohua Zhang, Zhenghong Sui, Guanpin Yang, Xianghong Wang,  Floating Escherichia coli by expressing cyanobacterial gas vesicle genes, Journal of Ocean University of China, 14 (1), 84-88, 2012.