Liu Mingyuan




Aug. 2023 - Present, Duke University, NC, USA

Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Advisor: Prof. Tony Jun Huang

Aug. 2021 - 2023, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Master of Engineering in Electronic and Information Engineering

Sept. 2016 - Jun. 2020, University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), China

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering



Research and Development of Key Technologies for Large-capacity Archival Blu-ray Disc Laser Read-write Head              01/2022-Present

Shenzhen Key Research & Development Program Advisor: Jianshe Ma, Associate Researcher

Designed the precision multi-dimensional actuator for blue-light optical head and developed the precision assembly and evaluation technology for blue-light laser head


Research on Super-resolution Nano-optical Information Storage Technology        08/2021-Present

The National Key Research and Development Program of China (Grant No. 2021YFB2802004) Advisor: Min Gu, Professor

Develop and debug the nano-scale high-speedparallel read-write technology for super-resolution optical storage based on artificial intelligence, neural network and deep learning

Evaluated the readout signal and calculated the bit error rate to guide the design of the whole system


Design of Plexiglass Fluorescent Disc Drives                        08/2021-Present

Advisor: Jianshe Ma, Associate Researcher

Conducted the fluorescence storage optical system design and actuator design

Set up a preliminary optical debugging platform and observed the influence of the shape of the fluorescent recording symbol on the readout signal

 Design of the Multi-layer High-density Optical Disc Read-write System                 10/2020-Present

Advisor: Jianshe Ma, Associate Researcher

Took charge of the optical path system design and microactuator design of the dual-beam optical storage system

Tested and evaluated the signal quality of different layers through optical debugging and signal processing to keep the bit error rate of the readout signal below 10-4


Design of an Ultraviolet (UV) Communication System Suitable for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles       12/2019-07/2020

Advisor: Ping Chen, Professor, Undergraduate Graduation Project

Made a comparative analysis of UV communication and radio communication and established a channel model of UV communication link of unmanned aerial vehicles based on multi-order scattering model

Designed an UV communication system based on FPGA to verify the accuracy of multi-order scattering model prediction based on Monte Carlo method


Survey, Transport and Rescue Foot Robots in Extreme Environments                        09/2018-05/2020

National College Student Research Training Program

Designed the direct-drive quadruped, simulated it with ADMAS and ANSYS in conjunction with MATLAB and optimized the structural parameters

Designed and produced three generations of prototypes, breaking the upper limit of the 1.5M/S speed of the direct-drive quadruped of the University of Pennsylvania


Design of Automatic Tracking, Identification and Cargo Handling Robots in Logistics Parks           09/2017-06/2018

National College Student Research Training Program

Shouldered the overall design and debugging of the robot

Developed omnidirectional wheels and straight-wheel chassis

Developed high-precision mechanical claws driven by air pressure to identify and grasp objects in concert with the radar



(* corresponding author)

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National Scholarship for Master's Students,2022

First-class Scholarship for Comprehensive Performance, Tsinghua University       12/2021

Academic Newcomer, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University        04/2021

Second Prize in the 18th China Univesity Robot Competition (Designed the fastest four sets of robots in the competition)    06/2019

Second Prize in the 20th “Cradle Cup” Academic Science and Technology Works Competition    of USTB       05/2019

Second Prize in the National College Students Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Science and Technology Competition of USTB    03/2019

Individual Second Prize and Group Second Prize in the mechanical undergraduate group 3D competition of the 4th Beijing University Student Engineering Design Expression Competition    12/2018

First Prize in the 11th “Higher Education Cup” National College Students Advanced Mapping Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition     07/2018

First Prize in the 17th China Univesity Robot Competition (Developed a parabolic robot, which could achieve accurate parabolic projectiles 10 meters away and 5 meters high)     06/2018

Second Prize in the campus tryout of the 11th National College Students Advanced Mapping Competition              12/2017

Excellent Student Leader, USTB            11/2017

Second Prize in the 2017 USTB College Students Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition          10/2017

First Prize in the 2017 USTB Robocon Competition             05/2017



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