Jianping Xia

Contact Information

  • Email Address: jianping.xia@duke.edu


  • Aug.2019-Present, Duke University, Ph.D candidate in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Sep.2016-June. 2019, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China, M.S. in Electronic science and technology

Research Interests

  • Acoustofluidics
  • Acoustic Metamaterials


1. Jianping Xia, Ding Jia,Hong-xiang Sun, Shou-qi Yuan, Yong Ge, Qiao-rui Si, and Xiao-jun Liu. Programmable coding acoustic topological insulator. Advanced materials30, 1805002 (2018). 

2. Jianping Xia, Xiao-ting Zhang, Hong-xiang Sun, Shou-qi Yuan, Jiao Qian, and Yong Ge. Broadband tunable acoustic asymmetric focusing lens from dual-Layer metasurfaces. Physical Review Applied 10, 014016 (2018).

3. Jianping Xia and Hong-Xiang Sun. Acoustic focusing by metal circular ring structure. Applied Physics Letters 106, 063505 (2015). 

4. Jianping Xia, Hong-xiang Sun, and Shou-qi Yuan. Modulating sound with acoustic metafiber bundles. Scientific Reports 7, 8151 (2017). 

5. Jianping Xia, Hong-xiang Sun, Shou-qi Yuan, and Shu-yi Zhang. Extraordinary acoustic transmission based on source pattern enhancement and reconstruction by metal cylinder structure. Applied Physics Express 8, 104301 (2015).

6. Jianping Xia, Hong-xiang Sun, Qian Cheng, Zheng Xu, Hao Chen, Shou-qi Yuan, Shu-yi Zhang, Yong Ge, and Yi-jun Guan. Theoretical and experimental verification of acoustic focusing in metal cylinder structure. Applied Physics Express 9, 057301 (2016).

Awards and Honors:

1. Second prize of the 15th “Challenge Cup” of national undergraduate extracurricular scientific and technological contest, 2017.          

2. Chinese University Students' star of self-improvement, Award nomination, 2016.

3. College Students of the Year of Jiangsu Province. Award nomination, 2016.

4. First prize of the 14th undergraduate physical innovation contest in Jiangsu higher education institutions, 2017.

5. First prize of excellent undergraduate thesis in Jiangsu higher education institutions, 2017.