Chuyi Chen

Contact Information

  • Email Address:


  • Aug.2016-Present, Duke University, Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Sep. 2013-June. 2016, Nanjing University, M.S. in Acoustics
  • Sep. 2009-June. 2013, Nanjing University, B.S. in Acoustics

Research Interests


  • Acoustics
  • Microfluidics
  • Numerical Simulations

Awards and Honors:

University Graduate Fellowship (Duke University), 2016. 


  • Chuyi, C., Yuyang, G., Juan, T., Dong, Z. Microbubble oscillating in a microvessel filled with viscous fluid: a finite element modeling study. Ultrasonics, 2015, In Press. 
  • Yuyang, G., Chuyi, C., Juan, T., Dong, Z. Investigation on the dynamic characteristics of encapsulated microbubbles coupled by magnetic nanoparticles. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 29, 2016, 309C316.
  • Chuyi, C., Jie, Y., Gong, C., Yong, M., Xiasheng, G., Juan, T., Dong, Z. 2015. Real-time spatiotemporal detection and quantification of ultrasound-induced cavitation acticity using B-mode imaging. Acta Acustica, 40(4), 2015, 563-568.
  • Jie, Y., Chuyi, C., Gong, C., Xiasheng, G., Yong, M., Juan, T., Dong, Z. Real-Time Monitoring and Quantitative Evaluation of Cavitation Bubbles Induced by High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Using B-Mode Imaging. Chinese Physics Letters, 31(3),2014, 034302.