Fu Hanyu




Sept. 2017 - June. 2021, Nanjing University, China

B.S. in Materials Physics


07/2020~07/2022 Alkali metal plasmonics, Research Assistant (Advisor Prof. Jia Zhu & Lin Zhou)

  • Developed an ellipsometry method to measure Ohm loss of covered alkali metals (Pub 5)
  • Modeled the formation of surface nanostructure on sodium/fused-silica interface (Pub 6)
  • Designed and fabricated potassium-based 2D plasmonic waveguide
  • Simulated the performance of alkali metal particles, 1D plasmonic waveguides and superlens

*Other interdisciplinary work done in this period of time as collaborator: 

  • Conducted experiments for solar desalination based on reduced graphene oxide membrane (Pub 1)
  • Calculated binding energy between molecules in a photo-catalysis system by DFT method (Pub 3)

08/2019~06/2020 Freestanding ferroelectric filmsResearch Assistant (Advisor yuefeng Nie)

  • Developed a polarization visualization software for piezoelectric force microscopy (PFM). (Pub 2,4,8)
  • Realized c/a domain conversion by external strain in ultrathin freestanding PbTiO3 film. (Pub 7)


  1. Zhuang P.Y. †, Fu H.Y. †, Xu N. †, Li B., Xu J., Zhou L. Free-standing reduced graphene oxide (rGO) membrane for salt-rejecting solar desalination via size effect. Nanophotonics, 2020, 9(15): 4601-4608.

  2. Yao P.C.†, Gong H.†, Wu Z.Y.†, Fu H.Y., et al. Greener and higher conversion of esterification via interfacial photothermal catalysis. Nature Sustainability,2022, 1-9

  3. Han L., Addiego C., Prokhorenko S., Wang M.Y., Fu H.Y., et al. High-density switchable polar skyrmions integrated on silicon. Nature, 2022, 603(7899): 63-67.

  4. Zang Y.P., Di C., Geng Z.M., Yan X.J, Ji D.X., Zheng N.C., Jiang X.Y., Fu H.Y., et al. Giant thermal transport tuning at a metal/ferroelectric interface. Advanced Materials, 2021, 2105778.

  5. Sun H.Y. †, Wang J.R. †, Wang Y.S., Gu J.H., Yang J.F., Liu Y.W., Gao T.Y., Fu H.Y., etc. Nonvolatile ferroelectric domain wall memory integrated on silicon. Nature communications, 2022, 13(1): 1-9.

  6. Fu H.Y., Yao P.C., Li Z.A., Chen S.Y., Zhu J., Zhou L. Precise ellipsometry method for plasmonic metals under bulk encapsulation. (in submission)

  7. Yang Y.H. †, Fu H.Y. †, Zhang H.Z. †, Su H.H., Wei T.Q., Zhou L., et al. Low-loss sodium-based plasmonic structures in the visible for high performing color filters. (in submission)

  8. Han L., Fu H.Y., Liu H.Z., Yang X.R., Gu Z.B., Nie Y.F., Pan X.Q. Controlling 90° polarization switching via in-plane symmetry breaking. (in submission)


Zheng Gang Elite Scholarship (top 1%, highest scholarship for STEM undergraduates at NJU) (2020)

Nanjing University “Zhou Dafu” Scholarship (1/131) (2019)

China National Scholarship (highest honor for Chinese undergraduates) (2018)